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Feed Me

Receiving feedback is an important exchange for distance classes for both students and teachers. Questions about whether student’s are getting the main ideas or concepts, understanding the importance of the big ideas and enduring understandings of your course, and being able to transfer what they are taking away from your class and applying it to their personal or professional lives are just some of the questions a teacher might be asking oneself as the course progresses.

In the same way, students in distance courses relying heavily on instructor’s feedback. Without comments from teachers, students will have no idea how to improve on homework assignments and will quickly loose motivation to improve or even continue in the course.

Here is an article from that confirms the importance of feedback and offers an interesting way of providing it.

Little Shop of Horrors Cast – Feed Me (Git It) Lyrics
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Author: Heidi Olson

Heidi enjoys working with content experts in developing eCampus courses to provide alternatives for students. Her other interests include faculty training in best practices for eCampus and researching eCampus tools to help fulfill learning outcomes. Having worked in the distance education arena for over 20 years, she has a wide range of experiences in supporting students and faculty as technology and pedagogy evolve.

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