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Mobile Assignment – Flashcard Creation using StudyBlue

Mobile (or not) Assignment – MUS 125 Enjoying Jazz Flashcards

In this course students will be creating a set of flashcard for each unit. The instructor will assign each student a specific unit and the student will be responsible for creating a set of 5 flashcards covering the important terminology for the unit. This assignment is due on the Sunday before the class moves to the next unit to give time for the instructor to review the cards. When a new flashcard set is posted the class will use the set to help study for the quiz given at the end of the week. Extra credit points will be given to those students who find an error and report it to the instructor. We will be using a web product called Studyblue. Every student should create an account on StudyBlue. StudyBlue is available for apple and android mobile devices. I did a test of study blue using Kindle Fire, iPad, and laptop.

One of the cards in the stack should contain MUS 125 OLSON and the unit # (with # replaced by the actual unit number. The description can be   left blank. This will make it easier to find the flashcard stack.

Create your cards and make sure you have the settings set to public.

To use and study from the flashcard stack you must sign in to study blue. Then search on materials for MUS 125 OLSON and then look for the flashcard stack for the unit that you want to study.

Unit 1 – Heidi
Unit 2 – Chris L
Unit 3 – Dallas
Unit 4 – Jen
Unit 5 – TIna
Unit 6 – Janene
Unit 7 – Christen
Unit 8 – Madara
Unit 9 – Chris M
Unit 10 – Brooke

I’ve created a google doc with suggested terms and definitions if you want to use it as a quick guide.
For the purposes of this exercise it will be interesting to see how you feel the different mobile devices worked to create new flashcard stacks.

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