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Instructional Design and Technology in Education

Creating online Quizzes

Here are two interesting quiz creators that offer opportunities to use images and video as the basis for the quiz questions.

ImageQuiz isn’t very pretty but is straight-forward and easy to use. Random quizzes that have already been created can be played, or you can create your own. Currently, the only type of quiz you can generate is called click-on-image. Using your image, set up “hot” spots as the answers to your questions.


  • No download opportunity — No embed code
  • Beta programming

With blubbr, upload a YouTube video and then crop segments around which you want to insert questions. Use different videos for each question.


  • Answers must contain 1 correct and 3 incorrect for a total 4
  • Crop size of video segment has to be no longer then 20 seconds
  • You must have at least 5 questions
  • No download opportunity ¬†— but there are links and embed code options
  • YouTube videos only

Author: Heidi Olson

Heidi enjoys working with content experts in developing eCampus courses to provide alternatives for students. Her other interests include faculty training in best practices for eCampus and researching eCampus tools to help fulfill learning outcomes. Having worked in the distance education arena for over 20 years, she has a wide range of experiences in supporting students and faculty as technology and pedagogy evolve.

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