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Instructional Design and Technology in Education

ID2ID Student device preferences for online course access and multimedia learning

Notes from ID2ID webinar posted September 21, 2018

(all slide images came from the webinar and are available on the report)

How are students accessing our online classes?

  • where is evidence that students are using mobile technology?
  • device ownership
  • preference for using devices
  • interest in new device purchasing equipment

Owing or borrowing


only 3 people didn’t own a smartphone

student preference for accessing LMS – laptop?

student preference for viewing video – phone?

student preference for viewing video – laptop?

18-24 – almost 82% preferred laptop

over 25 – preferred desktop






Most likely to purchase a new device:

  • education 40%
  • work/job
  • games/entertainment
  • communication
  • other

74.8% students said they would consider buying a new device it they thought it would benefit their education.

35 or older – higher rate of “yes”

18-24 – predominately “no”

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Author: Heidi Olson

Heidi enjoys working with content experts in developing eCampus courses to provide alternatives for students. Her other interests include faculty training in best practices for eCampus and researching eCampus tools to help fulfill learning outcomes. Having worked in the distance education arena for over 20 years, she has a wide range of experiences in supporting students and faculty as technology and pedagogy evolve.

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